Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Election Day

What I remember most about election day when it comes around isn't political debates, worrying about who will serve our country the best, or how important it is to be educated before voting. What I remember was getting up early on election day, Helping my papaw feed the horses and hopping into his old Chevy truck with the 9 foot antenna whipping in the wind (lol), and tire mounted on the front that i could never see over because I was always sitting in the middle right next to him. We would hop in, SOMETIMES buckle up and take our journey to Mullins ridge where he voted.
I remember Watching his every move. Listening to what he talked about, and somehow knowing in my young years that he took this very seriously. He would always talk openly with me on what the right decision was, and why he was voting the way he did. I later found out that voting was something ( him being an older man) he never discussed with my mother, or grandma but he did with me. 
He would give his name and show his I.D. and then we would go into the voting booth. He would let me turn the levers, and make sure they were pushed fully so his vote would count! I always remember pulling the lever to open the curtain and having to have help. he would always make sure that it was pulled all of the way so that his vote would count!
when I turned 18, I remember registering to vote. I also remember a little over a month after turning 18, was my first time voting! I got a phone call early that morning reminding me that it was election day, and that I needed to wake up and get ready to vote. He asked if I wanted him to go with me for support and discussed who we were voting for, and why. Of course we agreed... Those are the memories I have of election day growing up.

As election day 2012 gets closer I find myself torn. I really have no choice who to choose or if I even want to vote! YES I said I have no idea if I will vote! I have too many things about BOTH men that I do not like. Whether its Obama's outlook on EPA regulations, and running coal out of business by setting expenses for mines to run high, (which I cannot stand), he is for gay marriage, abortions, not to mention he wants to pas a law that makes it OK for the government to organize us into work groups. What? A take on slavery what? LAST TIME I CHECKED THIS WAS A DEMOCRACY NOT A FRIGGIN' DICTATORSHIP!
On the other hand, he has done wonders for the money involved with education and supports education! THIS is also a big deal!
As for Romney, He wants to take funding from education and lets not mention he just wants the richer to get richer and the poorer poorer. The only good thing that I have heard that he does is support coal! ( this is being a mommy and not reading into too much news because im constantly hounded for cartoons PLEASEEEE MOMMMMMM)

I'm so torn on who to vote for that I honestly think I will just stay home on election day 2012 (don't you tell my grandpa!) I could run each candidate into the ground with things that are wrong and still not have one or the other come up better.

So who are you voting for in 2012 and why? Please comment below. I know it can be a little touchy at times to comment but hang in there and rest assure that the issue is being fixed on!




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  2. Mitt Romney. I'm very passionate about this subject so I will apologize if this is a long comment lol I will first say neither candidate is my ideal choice. But, since one of the two, will be running our country, I feel I am choosing the lesser of 2 evils. I have several reasons for not supporting the POTUS
    First: Obama Care
    I could write a book on how his health care reform is bad for our country. First and foremost I dont appreciate the Government making my choices, I am more then capable of doing that on my own. 2nd, It is now a requirement of Obamacare that every Catholic institution larger than a single church including some single churches must pay for contraceptives, sterilization, and morning-after abortifacients for its employees. Each of these is directly contrary to the Catholic faith. Even tho 64 million Americans or more are of the Catholic faith. I don't care if you are pro life or not, this is an infringement on my religious beliefs. But let me point out he defended the building of the Muslim Mosque on ground zero. The very grounds that Islamic terrorists have bragged and celebrated destroying The Twin Towers, and killing 3,000 Americans on 9-11. But according to Mr President, that is their constitutional right.

  3. 6th-I dont like what Obama has done to small businesses in our community.

    7th-I think it was dumb that he avoided the meeting with the Israeli prime minister, considering Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East.

    8th-What can I say? I'm a country girl and I want to keep my guns!

    9th- The Benghazi Attack

    10th- Most definitely the most important to me, the fact that God was removed from the Democratic Platform. This infuriates me. Our country was shaped on God, and if we dont put him back in it, I feel we are in a heap of trouble.

    I apologize for taking up your entire page Amanda lol I want to also say I agree with you on the importance of education. But, in the state that our economy is, I know many people that have a degree, and can not find a job anywhere. Several people have told me how they feel they have wasted their time trying to better themselves because when they come out of school, that piece of paper aint worth a hill of beans because jobs are just not available. I think education is very important, but I think we need to create more jobs first. I know you said you may not go to the polls, but I encourage you to vote. No matter how we feel, one or the other will be running our country, despite the fact both have a lot of things against them. We have to try to make and base our decision on what we have laid out before us. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion , and not feel like I was going to be attacked, or start World War 3 lol God Bless

    1. No problem kelly! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But not everyone respects that! Haha


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