Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mommy's Break # 3

As a child I loved dressing up for Halloween. My Mom and Mamaw Inez always made sure I had the best costumes ever. Then when I had Kaleigh I wanted her to have memories of how I would make her costumes too. I didn’t always make her costumes because she sometimes wanted a store bought costume which broke my heart but I let her buy some from time to time. I most creative costumes are the ones that I am going to share with you. I hope you find these ideas useful and maybe even use one:
 Cute Scarecrow:
Kaleigh’s first Halloween I dressed her up as a Scarecrow but a cute girlie Scarecrow. I dressed her in a pair of pink overalls, white long sleeve shirt and pair of little boots. I went to a craft store and bought a little straw doll hat, white craft spray paint, multi colored yarn, a roll of pastel checkered ribbon and some thin elastic. I spray painted the hat white and hot glued the ribbon around the hat. I used an elastic headband that she had and tied strands of yarn all around it for the hair. I stitched the elastic together to fit around her hands and feet and tied yarn around those as well for the straw effect. I got some Halloween face paint and painted her little nose and cheeks for a final touch. She was so adorable and I entered in the Halloween Costume Contest at Wal-Mart and she won 1st place and we were so proud.

When she was 2 I dressed her up as a little hobo and she pushed her little play shopping cart around for the full effect. I took an old pair of her denim overalls and sewed some patches on the knees and a few other places out of some extra material I had in my sewing stuff. I had her wear a little white t-shirt and I stuffed her with a small baby pillow. She wore two different shoes and a corduroy blazer that was her cousin’s. She wore a bright pink straw hat that came with a dress up kit and I stuck a big fake sunflower down in the top of the hat. She loved to push around her play shopping cart so I told her what a great idea to use it with this costume. I took a bottle of Wesson Oil and wrapped a paper bag around it and put it in the shopping cart. Last but not least I took some brown eye shadow and smudged some on her face to look like dirt. She was so cute and loved the costume. I took her to Food City for the dress-up contest and she was the winner in her age group so she was really happy about winning that $50.

The Bubble Bath:
This is probably my favorite. I dressed Kaleigh up like a bubble bath and it really was awesome and was easier than you may think. I used a white laundry basket and taped white paper on the inside to cover the holes. I then cut a hole in the bottom out of it with a box cutter so that she could put her legs in it and drilled a screw in each corner in the bottom. I went to the craft section at Wal-Mart and bought 4 white Styrofoam balls. I put one on each screw to look like the legs. I then drilled 4 holes in the top of the basket roughly 4 to 6 inches from the end on each side. I used some sturdy rope to feed through from front to back on each side so that it looked like long handles. I had her step into the hole in the bottom and the rope rested on each shoulder. I blew up some pink and white balloons and tied them on each string so that she looked as if she was surrounded by bubbles. She wore a white sweat suit and to put the final touches I had her wear a shower cap, carry a shower brush and wear some cute character house slippers. This too was another first place winner in the Halloween Costume Contest at Wal-Mart. I really wish I could find my pictures to share with you. 

Hickory Dickory Dock:
In Kindergarten they asked them to dress like a character from a Nursery Rhyme. That was the first one that came to me for some reason. I cut the sides of a rather large box and cut it down to cover her front and back. I spray painted the cardboard brown and then painted a gold chime on the front one. I used string to tie the two pieces together so that it would just slip over her head. She had a toy mouse that I glued on the painted chime. I then used an eyeliner pencil to draw a clock face on her face with the hands at 1 o’clock. Everyone just gushed over this one.


I really hope you have enjoyed these ideas and find some of them helpful this Halloween. It will soon be here and I hope you and your family have a Happy and Safe Halloween.\

Much Love, Vanessa 

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