Monday, November 12, 2012

A New Schedule.

So, I have told you guys that I will be doing a new schedule soon! So starting next week it will go into effect! As far as the Blog host change, I haven't decided where I will be moving it. It has still been crazy busy around here and with school, and moving into/unpacking the new house I have found myself going until I have to make myself rest!

Starting Monday November 19th I will be posting every other day. Schedule Will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And occasionally one day in the weekend. I simply cannot keep up writing every day and do everything in real life. HA!

I would also like to extend to you all an opportunity to leave me a comment telling me which kind of blog you like best. Or any ideas you would like to see happen on here. I have been saving giveaways back so that When my stock pile gets high enough, I can start TRYING to do them once a week. The whole waiting on sponsors to send me the freebies and then doing the giveaway was not consistent!

Much Love!

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