Thanks for stopping by! I suppose Since you have came this far, you want to know about me. Here goes.
I'm Amanda. My grandfather named me after the song "Amanda" (Waylon Jennings) But everyone calls me "manda"
I am 26, which means yes I'm a 80's kid! As a little girl I had a bike with a banana seat, and stuck by my grandfathers side all day every day I had a chance. So its safe to say I was, and still am a "papaws girl"
I was born and raised in southwest Virginia and currently still reside here tucked in the mountains I call home. And as many times I have thought about big cities, and moving away...I still stay here close to home and family.

I met my husband in 2006 and it took us 1.5 long years to finally become "us" and 4 years for me to become Mrs. Phillips.

Speaking of that... We have three wonderful children now!

I believe in attached parenting, most of the time... lol And sometimes I believe in survival parenting. Which means I'll do whatever I need to do to survive, Including feed a child a rice krispie for breakfast...Sometimes a momma has to to do what a momma has to do ( all you moms should know exactly what I mean by that!)

I am a photographer. I work part time out of my home in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I sew, I sing, I paint. But I don't do any of them very often, mostly because, did I mention I have 3 kids? lol!

I believe in being honest. Sometimes brutally so. I'm willing to lay it all on the table for the sake of every other mom who thinks she's the only one would ever fed her kids MC Donald's as a bribe. This is you: you aren't carry on!!!

I am a stealer of the covers
I speak before I think
I am looking forward to grand kids ( all in due time!!!!)
I'm not a fan of milk unless with cookies!
SHOPPING is my first love after GOD, my CHILDREN, and FAM{ILY}
I LOVE fall time

Did I mention I have 3 children? lol!

They are fantastic!!!

Stick around a while and get to know my little family and the randomness I have became!